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Skeem Saam’s Leshole: “People think they own me”


Actor Thabo Mkhabela has lit up Mzansi with his role as Leshole Mabitsela on popular soapie Skeem Saam, with the star believing that he will forever be remembered for his character in the same way Connie Ferguson will always be known as Karabo Moroka.

Fame came suddenly for Thabo and he told TshisaLIVE that he was often mobbed by fans who thought his character was real, and who thought they owned him.”When people meet me on the street they think I am Leshole. They treat me as if I am Leshole. People think they own me. They tell me to jump but forget that I am a real person. I don’t mind it much because I love the role.”

He recounted a time when his character pretended to be someone else online, a practice called catfishing, and he was reprimanded for it by fans in real life.He believed the role has set him apart and made sure he will always be remembered in TV folklore for his character.

“I don’t like thinking about the future too much but I think I will always be Leshole. The character will stick with me for the rest of my life, long after I have left Skeem Saam. Something like Karabo. People just like him so much.”


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