Sakhile doing what he likes on TV
Sakhile doing what he likes on TV

There are people who do what they love, wake up fueled with energy  daily to do their job and today we get an opportunity to talk with Sakhile whom his job is to present a news show on Soweto TV. This guy tells that his journey has not been a sweet one as he had to face a lot of challenges, he also assure that he still want to grow in this industry. He started his journey on Newcastle Radio as a news reporter then work his way slowly to the top, this is a must read interview if you would like to be schooled about TV and RADIO.

  1. Take us back to your life growing up, what did you want to be as a child?

I  grew up in Kwazulu Natal, Estcourt in a location called eMoyeni; raised by a single parent following that my dad passed on when was 14 years old and I was doing grade 9 at the time. I was going to a school called Bonokuhle High School where I completed my classes. It was difficult because there were times where we had to go to bed on an empty stomach because of the situation mixed with a lot of abuse that we were receiving from our aunts and -very close extended families.But the good thing is: I was very brilliant in all classes regardless the situation at home. [Baseless upbringing] Wanted to be a Chef but I switched the lanes while in Boston and business college where I managed to do my qualifications of journalism chasing the dream of becoming a journalist one day.

  1. What did you do before joining SOWETO TV?

Before joining Soweto TV I was doing radio, coming from Newcastle Community Radio where I got an opportunity to sharpen my talent and skill on news reporting; thereafter was called by Y-FM to join them unfortunately I couldn’t because was not owning a driver’s license,I was so mad !!! Then big MOVE in My Life was joining Jozi FM after Y-FM saga and resigning at Newcastle Community Radio; because I had an alarm fearing of  disappointing myself on the journey that I’ve undertook at the age of 21 years, I gave it my best shot with pure talent to drill my break through because I always believe in myself. At this point in time I’ve worked with Vuma FM ‘Commercial Radio’ also as the freelance to their news department, I can firmly say I have collected a lot of experience.

  1. Was your journey easy or a difficult?

It was very difficult, because there were times where I had to pull up on my own without anyone support from family members and to my past experiences I was just a volunteer.

  1. Tell us about the show you are currently presenting?

It’s a show that I unleashed last year 2016, called News that made headlines in 2016! It’s a collective effort from all the entire team, a very experienced team I must say and all of them are the product of Jozi FM and other stations experience. Even this year during our specials season where we shoot ahead for December again we still going have it for our viewers and more vital to intensify the team and the work that we deliver.

  1. What does it take to prepare for a news show?

Its hard work; because you have to do your follow up very well if it’s a developing story, do your research on stories that you cover to avoid poor delivery that might also led to a journalist reporting falls information on a live show.So it’s a day or two before a journalist go out on the filed unless you quickly adapt and grind -like a machine.

  1. Would you say this is an ideal show for you or you are still hungry for more?

I am still hungry for more because I don’t want to limit myself.

  1. How do spend your time if you are not busy collecting news and presenting on the big screen?

Quite frankly I spend a lot of time with daughter Asiphile Sithole and do a lot of reading books, papers and chill with friends only if I have time because am getting busy know swamped a bit trying to run my own business.

  1. What course would you recommend for someone who want to be on television?

I would recommend a course in Public Relations or Radio Broadcasting.

  1. Which challenges can someone expect to face in this industry?

Scammers who lure people about fake jobs and cash in money while there’s serious desperation out there. Prepare yourself for a long journey volunteer with no pay, that’s motivated me

  1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

I would like to add value to highly rated media houses in South Africa like E-TV and SABC in this space of opportunity presented itself to me.

  1. What your message to Soweto TV viewers?

Soweto TV viewers be proud about your channel it has open doors for many of us, pride yourself and take ownership it’s your channel partake in the building process going forward.

  1. How do people connect with you online ?

Facebook-Sakhile Kenneth

On Twitter-@Sakhiletouch1

Linkedin- Sakhile Kenneth


  1. Any 5 things people don’t know about you?

I am a shy person

Very forward, ngiyaphapha kakhulu sometimes

Humble young man

Good heart, ngithanda ukusiza

Ngiyathukuthela uma kufanele. (I get angry if there is a need)


  1. Proteas or Springboks ?  Proteas 
  2. Beyonce or Amanda Black ? Amanda Black 
  3. Energy drink or Still water ? Energy drink 
  4. Isibaya or Uzalo ? Uzalo
  5. Samsung or Iphone? Iphone


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