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Pearl Modiadie opens up about calling off her engagement for the second time


Speaking on Trending SA, TV personality Pearl Modiadie opened up about calling off her engagement to fiancé Nkululeko Buthelezi for the second time.

Pearl and Nkululeko got engaged in December of 2015, but in late 2016 fans were quick to notice that the star had stopped wearing her gorgeous ring.

The pair later got back together, only to separate once again in 2018.

Speaking on why she went back the first time, Pearl said she wanted to give their relationship a second chance. “You want to see if you were right or wrong about them.”

Things failed to work out the second time around, with the star saying that it did not “feel the way it was supposed to”.

“You know what love feels like when it’s stops feeling like it. And that small voice is talking and it’s time to listen. It was time to listen and walk again,” she added.

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