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Introducing Love Matters with Brian Ngozi

BrianNgozi Mnguni is the author of Love Matters feature, make sure that you don’t miss his articles.

10 Things women don’t know about men in relationships

Men are often reluctant to talk about their needs in intimate relationships.
Here are the things men want in a relationship.

1. Men like to be told they are Attractive
Every so often, they would like to be told they’re attractive.
“Even for those of who are reasonably conventionally attractive, there’s a pretty strong chance that nobody has sincerely told them they are attractive for long periods of our lives

2. Men like compliments, too.
“Women like compliments. So do men. Just as much. In fact, they’re so used to not hearing them it will most likely take them a moment to register what happened. But it will brighten their day.

3. Men can’t always be the strong one.
“Sometimes being the rock in the relationship is slowly tiring them out.”

4. Sometimes men like to be alone, and it has nothing to do with you.
Having alone time has nothing to do with their feelings towards you.

5. Men can be insecure, too.
They can be insecure too, that’s not just female exclusive thing.

6. If you ask what’s wrong and they say “nothing,” they very well may mean it.
There aren’t necessarily any emotions being suppressed.

7. Men are not always thinking of sex.
They’re not always thinking of sex. In fact, sometimes they’re not in the mood for it.

8. Not replying to messages/texts hurts men, too.
Fair enough if you haven’t looked at it or have been busy, but looking at it and deciding not to reply sucks.

9. Men can’t read your mind.
“They are not dumb. They’re reasonable and not mind-readers.”

10. Not all men are trash
Some men are really against gender violence attacks and the harshtag #MenAreTrash hurt them as not all of them are trash. Some men are there to protect you.

– Brianngozi Mnguni


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